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11 Reasons to Drink a Cup of Rooibos Tea

Celebrities are drinking it. Now you can too. Find out now why you should be drinking Rooibos tea. Healthy, delicious , and safe for your entire family... pets too!

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Rooibos for Athletes

“Rooibos can reduce physical fatigue allowing for improved performance – both crucial factors in sport.” -Professor Simeon Davies, CPUT Head of Sports Management

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Brew and Go

Eco-Friendly, double wall glass bottle infusers with bamboo lids allow you to brew and go. They come with a FREE neoprene carrying sleeve that protects and insulates the bottle.

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Tea for Tots

Rooibos tea is naturally sweet. This is great news for mothers who worry about the amount of sugar ingested by their baby. It is also less acidic than processed fruit juices which makes it a healthy and tasty alternative beverage for your baby.

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