Cause to Celebrate

Jun 14th 2021

Reposting some of this article released today.

"SA’s Rooibos joins the likes of Champagne, Irish whiskey to get EU geographic protection"

“Rooibos is one of the most iconic products of the Western Cape and its inclusion in the PDO register will signal its unique quality to consumers, not only in Europe but all over the world.

“We expect that this will lead to an increase in demand by discerning consumers with the benefits working their way back to farms in the designated production area.”

Head of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture Dr Mogale Sebopetsa added: “We have been working with the Rooibos Industry since the 1990’s to prevent the name ‘rooibos’ from being misused by others.

“The inclusion of rooibos in the register recognises the fact that it can only be produced in parts of the Western Cape and Northern Cape provinces. In this way our heritage is safeguarded for posterity and will benefit the producers in our region.”

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