Celebrities Celebrate Rooibos

Celebrities Celebrate Rooibos

Posted by Yael Joffe on Feb 25th 2020

Celebrities are usually quick to spot "The Good Stuff". And the celebrities are now spotting rooibos for it's many beauty and health benefits. Unlike some of the more expensive trends, rooibos is accessible for most of us. As I always say, "if it's good enough for Charlize Theron, it's good enough for me."

Here are some bits and pieces about celebrities and rooibos that I was able to scrounge up.

  • Angelina Jolie lathers her perfect pout with a lip balm that boasts Rooibos and a variety of other unusual ingredients;
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and supermodel, Miranda Kerr drinks Rooibos to detox and stay in shape;
  • Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Hugh Jackman and model Candice Swanepoel all indulge in Rooibos salon treatments which revitalises the skin and leaves an illuminating glow;
  • The beautiful Salma Hayek and Victoria-secret model, Adriana Lima both swear by a Rooibos beauty beverage that purifies the skin from the inside out;
  • Academy Award winner, Helen Mirren takes her teabags wherever she goes, and
  • Model Josie Maran swears by a Rooibos-enriched hair detox blend for beautiful cascading locks.
  • Ernest du Toit, spokesperson for the Rooibos Council says it’s no wonder that Rooibos is a hit among celebrities and health-conscious consumers in the US. Since Rooibos first made its debut in the US in the early 1990’s, sales to the country has tripled and every year more cosmetics houses – local and international – are cottoning onto the nourishing and anti-ageing properties found in Rooibos.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas reportedly had a special rooibos ice cream made for their wedding in 2000 because Catherine loves rooibos so much.
  • Anthony Hopkins and Angelina Jolie allegedly also use the tea to maintain their weight.
    Cindy Crawford’s facialist uses rooibos tea products on the model’s skin, while lead singer of Duran Duran, Simon Le Bon, is said to have a cup of rooibos before every performance.
  • Model Miranda Kerr told Harper’s Bazaar that she’s “really into rooibos tea with goat's milk and a little bit of honey.”

And Watch this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sT1ok_X2r34


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