Cooking with Rooibos

Cooking with Rooibos

Posted by Yael Joffe on Feb 27th 2020

Since starting Indalo, I have been looking for ways to incorporate Rooibos into my life in more clever and unique ways. Since I love to cook and eat, baking seemed like a good avenue to explore. I found there are so many ways to use Rooibos. It can replace the liquid in stews and casseroles, adds a rich aroma and tenderizes meat, added to sauces and soups for extra flavor, keep prepared Rooibos in the fridge for later use to dilute juice, add to smoothies or anything that needs to be watered down. Use it to create marmalades and jams.

As I am a Pescetarian, it will probably take me awhile to get to the more savory recipes. But in the meanwhile I have started adding rooibos recipes to our website, and will try to add to our anthology regularly.

This weekend I experimented with a Rooibos Infused Chocolate Cake with Rooibos Vanilla Frosting. The Rooibos really adds a unique sweet, herbal, smokey flavor. I am naturally a vanilla cake lover, but this chocolate cake was not too rich, sweet and moist. Go ahead and try it for yourself. Rooibos Infused Chocolate Cake with Rooibos Vanilla Frosting Recipe.

Feel free to make suggestions to improve upon it or add any ideas you may have for using rooibos. And keep an eye out for my next kitchen experiment.