Yo Mamas, Try some Rooibos!

Yo Mamas, Try some Rooibos!

Posted by Yael Joffe on Feb 26th 2020

Step aside coffee Rooibos Tea and Rooibos Tea Espresso have entered the building

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Rooibos Tea while pregnant. I got to enjoy a warm drink (as having my daily morning coffee was obviously a "No Go") during my pregnancy with the added Rooibos health benefits during the wintery months of Chicago.

Rooibos tea is safe for your baby, pets, and children as there is no caffeine, and is packed with health benefits.

Some of the Rooibos tea benefits include:

  • Being 100% Natural & Caffeine Free
  • Loaded with antioxidants (and as such is anti-inflammatory)
  • Aiding the Digestive Process
  • Ensuring a More Restful Sleep
  • Blood Pressure/ Heart Health
  • Reduce Allergies ( My allergies increased during my pregnancies)

The anti-inflammatory properties of rooibos tea have shown to have a lot of promise. Studies have shown that drinking large quantities of rooibos tea can help against the effects of inflammation, and improve immune functions. Rooibos Tea has shown to have many benefits, and research is continuously being done. Rooibos Tea may also help with stress levels due to the high concentration of antioxidants it introduces into the body. Stress Free Mother = less stress for Baby and Family.

According to LIVESTRONG ....

“Because rooibos tea is a commonly consumed beverage in many parts of the world, it’s generally considered safe even during pregnancy, says the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The maximum amount of rooibos that you can consume safely while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding is unknown, however. Keep in mind that no human medical studies have established the herbal remedy’s safety during pregnancy or lactation, warns the University of Michigan Health System. Therefore, you shouldn’t take rooibos tea during pregnancy or while breastfeeding before first talking with your physician.”

Ways to Enjoy your Rooibos While Pregnant:

  1. Indalo Rooibos Tea Espresso: Place capsule pod in Original Nespresso Machine, and enjoy as an espresso, cappuccino, or latte
  2. Rooibos Chai: Several spices are excellent for pregnant women, including ginger (ease nausea), cardamom (ease nausea and strengthen), and black pepper (a rich source of chromium).
  3. Use Indalo Rooibos Espresso Pod for the perfect espresso shot, warm milk and add your spices a pinch at a time.
  4. Indalo Tea Bag Suggestions:
  5. To brew Indalo Rooibos Tea, first, boil fresh water in your kettle. Place 1 rooibos tea bag in your mug, Pour over the freshly boiled water and let it infuse for 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. Rooibos Chai with Indalo Tea bag: Boil Rooibos in milk and add your spices a pinch at a time. Or, brew your rooibos in milk then add the hot milk and spices afterward.
  7. Orange and Indalo Rooibois Iced Tea (A nice way to cool down in the Summer Months). Brew 1 teabag of rooibos in boiling water for 5 minutes, then immediately pour over ice or chill the tea in the fridge. Finally, add the juice of half an orange, freshly squeezed. Enjoy!

*Everyone has different reactions to food and drink. Make sure to consult with your doctor if you have any side effects. The maximum amount of tea is not specifically known, therefore we do recommend consulting with your doctor as to how much rooibos tea you are safely allowed to drink. We do not recommend drinking more than three cups of Rooibos per day when pregnant.