Indalo Durable Reusable Zero Waste Stainless Steel Straight Drinking Straws 8.5 inch tall - 4 Pack Straws with Cleaning Brush and Travel Pouch Included

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Durable Reusable Zero Waste Stainless Steel Straight Drinking Straws - 4 Pack Straws with Cleaning Brush and Travel Pouch Included. Keep Plastic Straws out of Landfills with these eco-friendly stainless steel straws.

  • 4 STAINLESS STEEL ECO-FRIENDLY STRAWS: This set of environmentally friendly reusable drinking straws is convenient, durable and long lasting. It includes 4 stainless stell straws, 1 velvet Indalo carrying pouch  and 1 cleaning brush. Carry these stainless steel straws with you wherever you go to eliminate your use of throwaway straws. Our stainless steel straw pack is a quick, easy way to reduce your carbon footprint with each drink, and take a stand against plastic pollution. A sleek, chic sustainability statement.
  • SAFER STRAWS: Unlike cheap plastic straws, our stainless steel straws are safe for regular use. Made from stainless steel, 8.5 in height x .25" diameter. Will not rust or scratch. They're dishwasher safe making it is easy to clean and sterilize them before each use. Or you can use our stainless steel cleaning brushes to keep them clean on-the-go.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY STRAWS: These 8.5" reusable straws with travel pouch travel so well that you can always carry them with you on-the-go. Tuck one cleaning brush inside the narrow stainless steel reusable straw and pop both sets into the travel straw pouch. The portable reusable straw pouch fits in your purse, backpack or briefcase, so you can have a reusable stainless steel straw for drinks on hand at home, the office, or whenever you are out.
  • VERSATILE STRAWS: Indalo's sturdy travel straws with travel pouch are long and versatile enough for use with a variety of tall tumblers, glasses, mugs and mason jars. They fit most commercial and major brand to-go cup lids. Whether you are looking for a perfect stainless steel smoothie straw, stainless steel milkshake straw, stainless water straw or metal soft drink straw, this is the solution for you! These 4 reusable drinking straws are also a great option for other beverages from iced coffee to seltzer or mixed drinks.
  • NO AFTERTASTE: Indalo Reusable Zero Waste Stainless Steel Straws have no funny after taste as plastic, cellulose, or bamboo. Taste only your drink an nothing else.
  • QUALITY STRAWS: This stainless steel straw set exudes style. Our 4 stainless steel straws are decoratively stamped with our Indalo logo. Our black reusable velvet straw pouch is also imprinted in white with our Indalo logo. The pack includes a stainless steel cleaning brush. This quality extends to your sipping experience as these long, reusable straws deliver pure beverage flavors without any aftertaste.



**Please Note**

These straws are made out of stainless steel, a natural conductor of heat. Therefore it is advised not to drink hot beverages with these straws or use them immediately after they are exposed to heat (i.e. dishwasher, hot car, direct sunlight, etc.) for danger of burns. Indalo is not liable for product misuse.